02 July, 2011


Reflection of meaningful messages through dancing

Deadself is a production that refers to social movements and environmental issues relevant to the present time. The movements that were displayed on Thursday night, 30, at B2 Arena Hall were for youth to make sense of the real covert world.

The piece is choreographed by Vuyani Hoboshe who studied kinesics. “Our creativity looks at what is happening in our community”, Vuyani said.
This is a show that creates present time gestures, imaginations, memories and movements in a physical dance form with a contemporary style. Clapping of hands shows encouragement whereas sounds of water, birds and frogs stand for remarkable memories; elders have been to the forests searching food for their children.

“The intended message is to encourage youth to take what they have (dancing talent) and utilise it to the best rewarding feedback”, said Zuks Tinise, one of the artists. “There is no need for youth to keep on practising what they don’t know, rather understand that life is not fair but constitute vision” he added.

“The overall message is that youth of today should cease mourning for the dead and start working hard to create a brighter future”, Vuyani insisted.
Songs like Daddy please don’t go by Freshly Ground are used to emphasise a point that one needs to be responsible for their life as one of the shady days there will be no shoulder to cry on.

By Moses Moreroa

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