02 July, 2011

Sipho's Horse riding experience

Third day of the Festival and Sipho is having the time of his life.
Today he went all the way up to the Settlers' Monument for the first time ever. As usual, he was blown away,"the place is beautiful and full of so much history I really enjoyed it", he said.

While Sipho was there he got to see police horse and got the opportunity to ride a horse for the first time. By the end of this Festival the adventurous
Sipho will be the most famous squirrel at the Festival.

1 comment:

busisiwe 11 said...

lol...hey sipho the squirrel, u know your way around. one minute you here and the next you right over there. but m jealous though, u must be the coolest squirrel i know. im not a stalker or anything but ive been watching you and i think u Awesommme,oh can i get your autograph?