04 July, 2011

The spirit of Ubuntu in Grahamstown

Scandal actress Tina Mnumzana  with Wendy Ngcobo at the Fest
 by Wendy Ngcobo

This little town is  situated in the heart of the Eastern Cape .With surroundings    mountains and a weather that can drop as low as -5 digress. This cosy and friendly town has found itself sharing it's streets with visitors , from abroad as well nearby provinces and cities as they come to see the annual Grahamstown National Arts Fetival
The festival which has been running for years has become an annual event for residents to be hostess to  people visiting. Guests are raving about the genuine welcome and hospitality they have been receiving from the locals.
David Tashington from England complimented the community as being very pleasant.”It’s great to see an entire town transform by the arts” he said. He went on to say he has been in Grahamstown for three days and is enjoying himself.
 Tanya and Lara from Johannesburg have had a bit of an adjustment to do as they are accustomed to the busy environment in Johannesburg where as the pase is this small town is warm and not what they are sued to .

Mathew and Maggie from Cape Town commended the locals for being helpful with directions. Scandals Tina Mnumzana remembers coming to Grahamstown as far as 1989.”It was cold then it is cold now "she said.She has always known this place for its friendly vibe, and hopes of speaking IsiXhosa by the time she leaves.

The community has certainly upheld the inspiration behind the spirit of togetherness .Something that we South Africans are famous for even internationally. The  spirit of Ubuntu.                                                         

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