03 July, 2011

The African drum

By Wendy Ngcobo
Goats although sometimes overlooked because of their long ears have served their special purpose in producing the hormonal sound of a beating drum. Beneath their fluffy white fur lies the skin texture that takes days to dry out and then purified to a smooth texture is what makes this instrument astounding and thunderous.

As the goat makes their last cry so deafening, so does the sound of the drum thumping. The making of a drum is a process that can take days sometimes months   to master but   Sallou who makes a living out of it only takes a day. At the end of the day one can’t help but admire not only the beauty of this instrument but the magnificent and enormous sound that it makes.
 Other elements such as wood are then   added to this process, the choosing of a  type of wood is process on its own that has to be perfected. 

 You have to love the sound of an African drum trouncing; it has seen the likes of artists like Luck Dube blending it with the sound of raga to it. More recently Dj Oskido who   has used in his new song ‘Banane Mavoko’which is taking South Africa by storm.

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