03 July, 2011

Billie Tong

Human can’t live without food and biltong is just one of those food products I can’t go without honestly speaking coming from the fact that I love food and everyone who knows me, will tell you for a fact.

Biltong is a true South African food staple just like a braai which brings the nation together from all eleven languages. Just like the many different types of biltong one can get and I am there to be eaten for example even though it isn’t an official fact but it’s recognised just like biltong. The different flavours that I come in and there is enough to choose from and no one will feel left out, I will be the best meat to ever meet your teeth as it will be having the best junk that is healthy. I am addictive junk to be eaten. I present myself in much different kinds of sizes with shapes you can not even imagine. Combinations for me to be enjoyed comes in many different styles using vinegar, salt and coriander just to say a few that you may feel like using to serve your taste bite it offers to lovers of meat, truly makes it one of the things that make me proud to be proudly South African. Not easy to find one favourite thing to eat with so many varieties and the wonderful part about it is that it never and I mean never ever get annoyed of eating it. The smell differs, brings people closer into their mouths to make everyone happy and the taste gives it something you can get addicted that you can’t get enough of me, itching to get your hands on me so that you can have more of me while it goes down well in the mouth while chewing me either soft or gentle that seriously needs some enjoyment to and would not let go off. The way they are made and preserved so good so that you can take pleasure in all that I have to offer so it can be enjoyed in its utmost way possible and the best part is it doesn’t have an expiry date added to the meat so long it is kept in a cool area.

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