06 July, 2011

The world according to Julius Malema

The world according to Julius Malema
I am my own role model. I do things I would admire someone else for doing. I wanted to become a strong politician, but lacked courage to let my dream come true until Julius Malema crossed my mind. “ I am an ordinary person who’s grown up here in South Africa, from a township, who has no any intention- none whatsoever- to scare people. “We are in a political laboratory; never blame us if we make mistakes, we are (just) learning.”

Malema and Moses have lot in common.

Who is Malema?

Malema Julius Sello, as known as “Juju”, has done something admirable. He saved lot of condemned minds in his speeches. Juju was born in 1981, March, 3, in seshego. He is a South African politician, and the president of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL).
Malema occupies a notably cotroversial political life; having raisen to prominence with his support for the current ANC president. He is a Pedi, born to a single parent, a domestic worker, in Seshego. Malema successfully matriculated at age 21 after failing grade 8 and 9. He did not see his vision being doomed. His poor perfornance attributed to his obsession with political activism.
He has lot of confidence in himself. He knows who he is. He does not pretend to be someone he is not, and won`t be fake just to suite other people. This is the biggest reason of me following him.
Malema`s career in politics thrived from an early stage. He became a political activist at the age of nine(9). This was when he joined Masupatsela (“Trailblazzers”) of the ANC. The main aim was to disrupt the national party`s nonsensical activeties. He was elected a chairman of the league branch in Seshego and regional chairman in 1995.

In 1997, he became the chairman of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) for the Limpopo Province and was elected as the president of that organisation in 2001. He has created thousand of jobs in the media industry, once you write about him everyone want to have a say.
He is talented in raising issues that will end up being national debate, like Nationalisation of Mines and Banks and land reform are on top of agenda in our country and the world.

For the future, I need people to think of saying their minds whenever they hear about my name. If an issue is of the public interest, then it should be debatable, not in camera. I would prefer to be a motivational speaker because most of the people fail to fulfil their dreams because of failure. For every person that walks upon the face of the earth, disappointment, failure and misfortune may often be inevitable.

However, how you react to unpleasant circumstances in life could play a major role in determining your destiny. Malema is such one person who never thought of him being a failure in life just because he comes from a very poor family backround and failed woodwork at school.

By Moses Moreroa

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