05 July, 2011

The Beer Tent

As people wander around during Festival, many develop a thirst for something your average stores aren’t offering. They find their fulfilment at Village Green Market in a huge tent filled with beer.

Customers entering the large structure are greeted by the charming wooden benches situated outside, for people who enjoy some fresh air with their drinks. Inside the tent a brightly lit green bar is perfectly placed as it catches your eye, displaying what is on offer.

In certain areas of the tent, such as the entrance way and around the benches outside, the beer tent has decided on the very popular wood chip flooring, as have most of the other market stalls. However, in the main seating area the vintage style benches are situated on lush green grass giving it a very natural feel to it. The benches are covered with tastefully tacky Windhoek table cloths where many enjoy their beers.

It also boasts an inviting yard, perfect for smokers taking a smoke break but still wanting to enjoy the vibe of the tent. The fluorescent lights hanging from cables glow brightly in the evening when the tent is at its busiest.

The tent is filled with a friendly atmosphere as people gather to watch sport and socialise with fellow beer drinkers. Tension builds up in the air as supporters back their teams in anticipation of a goal and when it finally happens the tent explodes into an ecstatic uproar of excitement. Just for that one moment everyone is united as they experience a certain sentiment, much like the emotion felt by a mother watching her child score their first goal.

By: Megan Stacy Deane

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