02 July, 2011

Daniel makes pizza traditionally

Pizza from the street

Here is that time of the year when people all over the world visit Grahamstown to attend the amazing National Arts Festival. The National Arts Festival gives all those talented people from all divergent tribes the platform to show-case their products.

Interesting things are happening and off great concern the food festival. Daniel Griffin is a young man who is greatly recognised for his innovative mind of inventing a traditional wood fire oven.
Daniel makes pizza in an open air using a traditional oven that use fire wood. ” I am glad that most of my customers appreciate the excellent cooked Chinese foods”, Daniel implied.

Daniel of all trades won the first prize in Best Meal Award on his chinese recipe. “The prominent flavor of the lime leaves distinguishes it from a typical Thai green curry. What gets me going is the uniqueness that I keep on practicing everyday”, he said.
His main emphasis is to bring to limelight that traditional method makes the best pizza with that so many customers have proved in their remarks.

“First we were wondering if pizza can be made on street, but then got to prove the delicious traditional pizza that pops out our money”, said Sheryl Latingale, one of the customers.

To show his brilliant works, Daniel has been published in the House and Leisure, Garden and Home magazines.

Daniel is not only talented in cooking but in pottery. He makes some traditional pots called Tajine which are used in Morocco and North America, that is designated to promote the return of all condensation to the bottom pot.

By Moses Moreroa and Portia Makore

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