02 July, 2011

Music for your soul by Wordsuntame!

By Bongiwe Tutu

“Come and be filled with thirst quenching insight via song, profound reasoning to stimulate life changing moments. Journey with us through the natural mind as it goes beyond human thinking” that is the formal slang from the music group; Wordsuntame.

The performance by this group was that of a vibrant reggae rock show which established the participation of the crowd as soon as it began. This performance was, to my surprise very gripping and enjoyable. A melody of just two voices, a guitar and a shaker moved the grounds of the Bots Gardens and brought some warmth to the cold night. The performance consisted of an integration of well known tunes such as "No woman no cry" by Bob Marley which got the crowd singing along hysterically.

The artists were performing their track list from their CD which is available at ILAM for only R40. It’s a fine tuned track list so much that I bought my own copy there and then! It entails strong and meaningful lyrics that are the personal experiences expressed by the two singers, going by their name “words untamed” they speak their mind. Their genre is a melting pot of rap-in-motion and poetry, rock and soul. Their music mesmerized the crowd, leaving us with goose bumps all the way through. When it came to the end of the show the crowd insisted that they play one last time and everyone got up and danced to their liberating performance. "Wordsuntamed" is going far and you have to get that CD as soon as possible.

If you would like to see for yourself before you purchase your own CD, you can catch them in a number of perfomances at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. They will be performing at Equilibrium on the 30th June at 15h00 and at 18h00, on the 6th July at 15h00, on the 9th July at 15h00. They will also be performing at Urban Lounge (Bots Gardens) on the 2nd July at 18h30, 4th July at 14h00 and on the 10th July at 14h00.

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