03 July, 2011

History comes back-Revenge angel

Revenge angel is a hilarious and eye catching perfomance that drives the audiences into the horror in Warren` life.This piece of play is acted by one man who is able to present different characters in different situation.Revenge angel shows how the protagonist ends up in a town that is haunted by a girl.He finds himself stuck in this town whilst he is still in the grief for the loss of his friend who committed suicide after visiting the same town which Warren is.

This story brings to limelight how Warren is caught up in a lodge that happens to be place and origin of the nightmare.As the story unfolds it shows that the nightmare originated from a young girl who stayed at the same house which is now a lodge,who was killed and raped by her own father who had also murdered her mother.This young girl comes back as the revenge angel.This masterpiece is a story of revenge and nightmare.Warren becomes brave and manages to escape from this tragedy.

A particularly memorable part was the part when Warren makes love to a ghost that is the young girl.It was a briilliant show that looked so real and live. The sound that accompanied the story were just too good to be real.

Director-Sjaka. S Septembir
Wriitten by-Floyed de Vaal,Sjaka
Music perfomed-Gertijic Besselsen

by Portia Makore

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