03 July, 2011


So catchy on the eye they turn a glance into a stare. Walking past them, they grab your attention and lure you in no time. So artistic of whoever made them, the bright colours, the different shapes and sizes, you just have this picture of them decorating your house.
If you love art for the sake of colour-YOU are in. If you love art for the artistic end product, or maybe just love art for artistic pleasure then you are in for a whole lot of pleasure then you will be satisfied.
Walking past with my colleague at this stall at the market, I asked myself: what are these? They look like vases and I thought to myself: Now there is one thing I would love to have in my house one day. I have a passion for colour by the way, so if you are like me, then you would also feel the need to have these
Curiosity leads me to asking the man at the stall about these and he tells me this is the “BOSH”. Its main use is smoking weed. How could something so beautiful be sold for illegal use? WHAT A LET DOWN.

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