03 July, 2011

Pewter your home, body and life

If one is in the hunt for breathtaking pewter items then look no further. Stacey with her brother, Kyle, and his girlfriend, Gill, make the most eye-catching pewter jewels, ornaments, charm necklaces and bracelets, seashell assortments, and other interior decoration bits and pieces. The most compelling feature about the trio’s items is that they can, at the customer’s request, even customise them according to the buyer’s preference, fondness and most importantly budget.  

The trio works from home and they call their studio space Total Effex. Pewter alloys made by the trio are brighter and are not severely affected by deterioration or oxidation. The feel of the necklaces, bracelets and earrings on your skin guarantee to make you feel like royalty. Likewise, having their d├ęcor items in your dwelling space will bring out a sense of sophistication and style in you. The ornaments breathe life and inject a feeling of homeliness. After a glance through the pewter jewels Total Effex make, I guarantee you that you will be converted into a modern pewter collector just like that. 
The trio, for the most part, produces pewter jewellery items for women and girls that desire a glamorous look at any occasion, without spending a fortune on other expensive jewellery. However, Total Effex has plenty of pewter jewels for everyone and any type of occasion and use. The items come into different designs, models and symbols.

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