02 July, 2011


There we are, hitch-hiking, trying to find a way to the MONUMENT, way up the hill in RU, it is windy and freezing cold. Nokuthula and I are going to computicket to find out about the ticket sales for the Festival. You must wonder how that went. Lol...a computicket employee told us they are "NOT allowed to talk to the media" and sent us to the Festival offices. Makes you wonder: Are WE, the media taken as the 'enemy'? OR are they just NOT authorised to speak to us?

Down the monument we went, and yes we found the Fest Office. We talked to the CEO, Tony Lankester,curiously asking him about the Festival ticket sales. He politely told us they cannot give us that kind of information YET, he can only distribute it halfway through the Festival...REASON BEING: Either way the media can negatively affect the ticket sales. How? You may ask yourself. Oh well, If the ticket sales are sky rocketing and we publish that they fear the sales may drop. Again, if the ticket are not selling and we publish that, they fear that people may lose interest and consider the Fest borring and decide not to come.

Well, we guess we are going to have to wait just a little bit more to find out more about the ticket sales. Makes you really wonder thou: HOW ARE THE TICKET SALES GOING?

Keep wondering...maybe, just maybe we might get the answer for you in NO TIME at all.

By Sesethu Malgas

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