02 July, 2011

festival and the arts

Art fever All around the Grahamstown Festival

Word is already out and people are buzzinng with excitement and much anticipation for the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. People from all works of life have come in numbers to experience this incredible event. Regardless of the winter chills, the event has not only attracted audiences but also a lot of artists who are keen on showcasing their artwork in order to impress and put their names out there... A lot of talented individuals have been able to step it up and execute their best work. This artwok of a wired statue, of which at first glance stunned me because i thought was a real person but in actual fact is a typical example of the talent that can be found in and around the festival. This wired person is representing the jazz festival which is taking place at this year's Grahamstown Art Festival.

By Busisiwe Busenga

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