02 July, 2011

We shall sing for Our father Land

Soldiers who have fought in the liberation of a fictitious African country return to civilian life being homeless and with no jobs. After fighting in their country’s war for independence, these soldiers started fighting for the survival, living in the cold without acknowledgement from the public park.

The play consists of three casts who successfully swapped from diverse and dynamic characters; this is the reason of audiences blown away.
“It is with enjoyment that everyone admired the performance and I am thankful for their support’, said Itumeleng Motsikoe. Motsikoe, one of the directors thanked everybody who made the show possible; late Thursday, 30, at Masonic Back Hall just after the play.

Zakes Mda, writer, believes that hard work pay-off, following the achievement where We shall sing For Our father Land won the first Amstel playwright of the Year Award in 1978.
“I am satisfied with the performance and the most significant thing that makes me happy is to see people coming in numbers. This contribute to the success of this year’s National Arts Festival", Zakes declared.

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