03 July, 2011


NDINGUMXHOSA, SO WHAT!!!” is one of the three t-shirt brands which are sold by two young women from Amalinda, East London at the Green Village during the Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

The other two t-shirts were written-“XHOSA LITE” which according to one of the women behind these brands, Yonela Nyembenya, is also the Facebook group which they created, and “Eastern Cape My Province”.

These three words (NDINGUMXHOSA, SO WHAT!!!) indicate the pride of the Xhosa people for who they are, even though some have lost that pride and no longer embrace the culture. If you are a Xhosa and someone from other race says something negative about you, now you know exactly what to say-“NDINGUMXHOSA (I’M A XHOSA), SO WHAT!!!”.

The t-shirts can be found in two colours, black and white. It is no surprise to hear that the one written “NDINGUMXHOSA, SO WHAT!!!” is the most sold t-shirt as it evokes emotions and written with an attractive orange print.

This brand is mostly targeted at the youth to be proud of being Xhosas in a funky and stylish way.

By Elethu Magele

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