01 July, 2011

Blending Therapy with the Arts
The National Arts Festival in Grahamstown covers all sorts of events from musicals, theatre performances, art exhibitions etc. This is a tourist attraction festival, especially in a small like Grahamstown. In between shows one can tend to ignore the erected massive tents turned vendor station. The atmosphere is fantastic and filled with a lot of wonderful people carrying out the festival spirit.
Doryce Sher is one of the vendors at the Arts Festival, who is now an aroma therapist. She worked as a pharmacist for ten years but still felt some kind of a void in her choice of career. Having only started the business with selling just bath oil, seventeen years she displays a mini clinic of products at the Village Green Fair ranging from Aromatic Apo therapy roll on relief to diffuser oils. She says that every year they come up with new and natural products which cater to all ages. She also delivers her skills as a masseuse in offering free neck massages to promote her products

She jokingly explains that pharmacy was not exactly her passion as she did not like as a legal drug dealer. Her business has turned out to be a success as a she has not missed any year of the festival. Doryce portrays a great image of passionate people who take life changing decision not knowing the outcomes. Personally I thought that her products were great and she carried herself professionally.

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