01 July, 2011

Fest joyous carols

Shyly smiling at the thought of me asking for a profile interview, she humbly lets me in. Her polite and friendly nature makes me feel at home. Carol Leff, originally Polish has always enjoyed being part of the Arts Festival. She religiously attended the festival over the years. Dating back to before 1990 when she was only a student, this is when her love affair with arts began. She expressed her artistic side through the form of bead work, which she sold to the locals during the fest.
Her position as an Administrative Co-ordinator in the institute of the Study of English in Africa

(ISEA), was due to her wanting better for her children. This is not her ideal job but it is not a far cry from her love of creative expression. She deals with the orchestration of events such as the ‘Wordfest’ that deals with promotion artist and the newspaper ‘Cue’ which covers all the events that operate during the Art Festival.

Her shyness takes a back seat as she excitingly tells me about how vibrant visitors and locals become during this time. The attitude is contagious and fills the atmosphere as a car guard shows car drivers their parking spot with a beat.
Although this is a fun time for her, it is business as usual as the office still runs during this time. Lectures are held as per schedule and the office buzzes with art enthusiast asking for direction. She describes the time as intense because this time of the year most of her time is devoted to ensuring everything runs smoothly.
With people like Carol Leff, one can surely count on having well organised fun.

Author : Pumla Luthuli

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