01 July, 2011

Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas is a talented guitar artist that has South African music lovers in awe. Originally from Durban, but now living in Cape Town, Thomas has toured the country sharing his original sound.

He started playing guitar at a very young age and says that his sound has evolved as he has grown. Thomas has studied music at The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, majoring in classical and jazz guitar. He arrived at the unique sound that he has currently after moving to Cape Town, where his music became more experimental. Thomas continues to experiment and he believes in order for him to do this he must live a mobile lifestyle, continuously moving to different places.

After releasing two albums, Wooden Boxes and Thought Hunting in 2009 and Contraption Distoria in 2010, he performed at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival for the first time in 2010. Even though the world cup stole a lot of his limelight Thomas still gained a lot of recognition and praise. He has returned to the festival this year after releasing an EP in May.

His music appeals to a wide audience and while some people may put him into a box with other folk artists, Thomas believes that his music does not fit any specific genre and thinks of it as “just music”.

Thomas’s plans for the future include a year of performing on an intensive countrywide tour and a possible European tour. He also suggested that another album might be on the cards.
There’s no doubt that Gary Thomas is going places with his distinctive sound and down to earth personality.

By: Megan Deane & Devaksha Vallabhjee

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