03 July, 2011

It's a colour affair

Art is beautiful and my hands on experience have made me a firm believer in it. This love of art lives within me, the very veins of my being and its eagerness to be seen, be heard and be recognised are strongly embedded as each brush goes back and forth, right and left in anticipation for the next masterpiece.

The brightness of each colour encourages every ounce of vividness to come through with simplicity, green as its focal point. Lines are singly expressive in a delicately bold manner. The land’s dire need for water speaks an unknown language to these heavy feet, for the cows travel miles and miles whilst enduring excessive amounts of exhaustion. Immediate physical contact connects with the texture which is undoubtedly rough and uneven, giving it a distinct feature.

A beautiful contrast is identified in the intertwined relationship between Mother Nature and the living things surrounding it. The feeling of breathing and living owes its being to the eternal plants, for they bring life into every soul, hope for every savage and lost identity. An awful feeling of doubt shadows its belief to be the greater that he is. Increasing its dynamics form colour to colour, in an unregretful tone the painting fulfils a certain good Sunday feeling.

By Busisiwe Busenga

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