01 July, 2011

Streaming beyond the radio voice

By: Bongiwe Tutu

Another year has come to pass and the time for the Eastern Cape to shine has flared upon us once more. We are now joined by a variety of talented artists from all over the world at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. “Whether you’re a theatre-goer, a dance lover, a jazz fundi or a film buff, the programme offers plenty to keep you busy as you step into our bubble of AMAZ!NG once again” said Ayanda Mjekula, National Arts Festival Board Chairman. I met with a very well known radio enthusiasm artist Viv Bozack from Algoa FM who shares his first experience as a live broadcaster at the National Arts Festival.

Viv Bozack, a resident of Port Elizabeth, born in Lusikisiki in the Transkei, states that he has been with the Algoa FM family for “four years, one month and two days” and he expressively declared his love for every single second he spares on radio. “I’m all about self-determination and positive living. The earth, the children, the music, the red, gold and green! It’s just wonderful being at the Festival; it’s like an ultimate melting pot of talented and great people all in one place, and so far so great” said Bozack.

Algoa FM (94.7) is one of the biggest radio stations representing all aspects of South African culture and heritage. The station has successfully captured eight hundred thousand listeners over the years and it is yet to grow as it has been broadcasting live with Viv Bozack from the Rhodes University Campus since Thursday the 30th and will be sustaining their enlightening shows to the public until the 8th of July.

Bozack is presenting the Lunch-Time Show which is broadcasting live from 12h00 till 15h00 at the Rhodes University Campus. “Since it is my first time broadcasting at the Festival I plan to make it very well fulfilled! I’m aiming to see three shows per day” he exclaimed with a glaring and anxious smile on his face.

Furthermore beyond the radio voice, Bozack has a passion for music specifically of the hip hop genre. He is also an MC persona, hosting hip hop gigs every Thursday nights in Port Elizabeth titled “Bring it to the Cypher”. He also hosts the Friday Music Club at 14h30 every Fridays for local musicians of the Eastern Cape.

The artist appreciates the National Arts Festival as he feels that it’s a very great platform not only to meet new people and get to know more about them in exploring the “ultimate melting pot” but it is also a great foundation to grow as an individual in doing what you enjoy the most. His life philosophy is simply, as he puts it “play hard and work harder”.

Contact Viv Bozack at: viv.n@algoafm.co.za , http://facebook.com/viv.b.ngomane , http://www.algoafm.co.za/
Contact reporter at: bongiwetutu@yahoo.com , http://twitter.com/TheBeeSting

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