01 July, 2011

2011 Grahamstown National Arts Festival-Elethu Magele


People see the National Arts Festival as the platform where they can showcase their talents no matter how little their talents are.

The 37 year old Mzimasi Ngesi from Transit location in Grahamstown plays his guitar at the corner of the Somerset and New Street in the town. Even though Mzimasi admitted that he is not good at what he does, but he said he has been playing at the National Arts Festival for more than a decade now.

“I have been playing here for the past 15 years”, said Mzimasi.

In front of him it was just an empty cap where people could offer the little they could. With no one paying attention at Mzimasi, the young ones seemed to enjoy being around him. One would conclude that those kids and Mzimasi were a musical group, but they were just gathering around and staring at Mzimasi, and he too had no idea who those children were.

While many people come at the National Arts Festival to perform either to gain recognition or to make money, it seemed it was a different case for Mzimasi as he said he is just playing for pleasure.

“I play to enjoy myself. I am here to celebrate the National Arts Festival”, he explained.

The not so outspoken Mzimasi who appeared to be from a disadvantaged background said he plays various tunes.

“I play Mbhaqanga; Kwaito; Gospel. I just play almost everything”, Mzimasi further explained.

Regardless of the Grahamstown cold weather Mzimasi said he is going to be playing his strings up until the last day of the Festival.

By Elethu Magele

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