01 July, 2011

137 High street

The Standard Bank National Arts Festival brings life to Grahamstown, a small university town, for ten days annually during the chilling winter. People from all over the world come to see everything artistic and creative that South Africa has to offer. This includes performing arts (theatre, dance, musicals), comedy, visual arts and the likes. In the midst of all these festivities, the town’s people offer great hospitality to ensure holistic experience of this exciting time.

137 High Street, an intimate Bed & Breakfast Guesthouse situated in the heart of Grahamstown, offers arts lovers a comfortable stay and is situated right in the middle of all th. It is an ideal place to stay when you come to the National Arts Festival where you will get the true essence of the town as you will feel like you never really left home.

Speaking to Frances Hanna, manager at the guest house, she said the fest gives a lot of work and booms the town for those who need money. She said that it also provides chances for employment as restaurants use two sets of teams who can work on a day and night shifts. This is a good way to giving back to the community during the fest.

The festival is the main source of income every year for most businesses in Grahamstown and is early “Christmas time as we do not open during the festive season as most people leave for holiday until January”, Frances explained.

137 High Street remains an accommodation place of high note. “Attracts all people who we know on television to this guest house as it is deemed the most popular guesthouse to come visit when the festival is happening as it gets fully booked weeks before the festival,” said Frances.

So if you are one of those people looking to get star struck, 137 Guest house is the place to find yourself in.

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