03 July, 2011

Aladdin’s Palace

Bursting with colour, as if one is stepping into another country. Each garment presented in its own unique way, nothing quite alike. These detailed rare designer bags, handmade earrings and pants patterned with an infusion of diverse brightly coloured glossy silks, but it was the scarfs that stood out like rare diamonds. This uniquely woven cloth combines a rich shade of burgundy and sunny sky blue with streaks of gold, another a sunset orange and earthy brown with silver streaks. Mind raced with excitement of wearing such jewels. Each scarf is mesmerising, as though a certain character is portrayed through them, as each is different. With just a touch, feel each cotton string bind to another. A smooth and brawny heavy material of quality which is an extraordinary garment to own. A passion for portraying creativity comes alive when making these scarfs .Recycled materials make a bold statement.

by Pumla Luthuli

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