01 July, 2011

Dancing all the way to the top

The Grahamstown National Arts Festival encourages engagement from artists which vary from dancers, to musicians as well as magicians etc. This group is no exception, they are called “Tyhini Kwedini “which expresses the amazement from a boy’s actions. This of course is not a far fetched concept seeing that their group only consists of 14 members, all boys varying from age 15 to 26 years old. All the members are from the townships located in Grahamstown.

They are an epitome of humble beginnings, living in the townships were they found it hard to get employment. However, they decided to do something about it, they resorted to arts. When they started in the year 2001, there were only four members in the group; it was only after a year when the number increased to 14. Since then, the group has grown from strength to strength, “We have been through tough times, mainly because of financial constraints but we kept on going for years,” said the oldest member of the group. It is this kind of fighting spirit that has kept the group intact and it also encouraged them to part take in this in year’s Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival.

“Tyhini Kwedini” will perform six times during the festival and they hope to impress a lot people. One of the members expressed that, “the festival is a stepping stone and we want exposure from the big shots”. Their future plans include an expansion of their group, recruiting other members and to also start their own production company.

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