01 July, 2011

National Arts Festival creates platform for dissemination of innovations

Moses Moreroa and Portia Makore

Photo by Moses Moreroa

Modou Yale’s business put bread on a table

The National Arts Festival is series of events that caters for everyone in this world. People come from different parts of the globe to market their products that have been produced from their respective countries.
Modou Yale is young man who has come all the way from Senegal. He makes a living by selling drums and table cloths made from raw materials. This is his fifth appearance at Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival. Yale’s innovative thinking improved his life. “Even though the business is small, I am able to feed my family and I am happy for that”, he said.
Despite the remarkable moments that Yale cherishes everyday, the markets are very competitive and thus make it difficult for the business to progress gradually.” The business is not good so far because we are many and it is not easy to advertise. One other thing that I have realised is that everyone is busy with his or her own schedule, there is no time to go around”, said Yale.
Many hawkers like him declared the Festival to be a wonderful platform for exposing what they are good at.” Whenever things go wrong with my business, I think of this Festival and wish it can last for quite some time”, Yale concluded.

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seanie said...

Great work Moses and Portia, it's always good to hear inspiring stories of people showcasing their artistic talents,keep it up well done guyz